Plug and play
industrial iot platform

Realize your IoT projects without programming and investment. Stay indipendent of platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. Connect your devices and data sources and get insights from your data in less than a day.

Data & IoT Hub

Dynamic Dashboards

Automatic Alerts

Predictive analytics

Improve your asset management with iot data insights

Increase your assets reliability while reducing maintenance and operation costs. Optimize machine uptime thanks to powerful data insights.

give your assets the ability to speak

Thanks to our partners we are able to give non-smart-devices a voice. Connect your products or devices with certified hardware and make them part of your IoT strategy.

build a "Cloud of clouds" with data from a wide range of sources

Work with data from Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, Google IoT Hub or other Product clouds like WAGO, Schneider or Siemens and combine it with data from your devices, systems or products.

all your business data in one place

Empower your enterprise software with real time data insights. Use our powerful API to make use of real time statistics or event notifications in your enterprise environment. Make better end user applications, provide better data integration and accessability.


Process Optimization

Predict and prevent process disturbances in your production process to maximize throughput.

Remote Monitoring

Keep your assets under control wherever they are. Track your device behaviour and get alerts in case of anomalies.

Digital Twin

Model product design to actual performance with a Digital Twin that accurately tracks products, processes and systems in real time.

Data as a Service

Collect real time data from almost any source for your projects and get additional value without complex integration, endless hardware programming and expensive adjustments.

Predictive Analytics

Prevent asset failure by analyzing machine stream data to identify behavior patterns and predict issues before they happen.

Problem Analysis

Analyse roots of issues to understand the cause an to fix the initial reaso and not teh consequences.

Use Cases

IoT Platform
  • IoT Hub: Receive metrics
  • Device and Data Source Management
  • Warm Data Storage, Data Series DB
  • Cold Data Storage
  • Live Data Processing
Energy Management
  • Remote Electricity Meter Reading
  • Energy Consumption Optimization
  •  Precised Energy Monitoring (Up to 100 Hz)
  • Energy Quality Analysis – active, reactive, full power, harmonics
Problem Detection
  • Energy Lack Detection
  • Liquid Detectioin
  • Automated logging of legionella prevention
  • Air quality according to sanitary regulations
  • Dirty Filter Detection
  • Problems in Engins and Machines
  • Failures and damage on any technical equipment
Control & Monitorig Systems
  • Asset Control System
  • Energy Control System
  • HVAC Monitoring System (Heating, Ventilation, Cooling, Air Condition)
  • Lifts, Elevators, Rolling Doors, Escalators
  • Street lights, Public Information Screens and Assets
  • Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems
  • Cameras, Intercom, Emergency Call Points
  • Energy Network Load
  • Water Network Load
  •  Pump Station Load Analysis
  • Continious Energy Transformation Substation (4/20 kW) Monitoring


Frequntly asked questions about Signature IoT Platform

The difference makes the entire solution, that let you get data and get use of the data. Signature IoT Omnicloud covers the entire IoT data life cycle from data aggregation and storaging to visualization and analysis without long-term development. It was never that easy to get started with data, visualize them and set event triggers to be notified. This functionality is not self invented but organically inherited from SCADA systems the Signature team worked before.

Yes, Signature IoT runs both in the cloud and on-premise, though we recommend to start with cloud version for test and set up phase.

Signature IoT has twogeneral approachs for pricing: measure amount of data-sources or data amount. To price it by amount of data sources is easier and recommended for mid size business. Data amount prcigin is oriented for OEM clients.

Yes, we do. The IoT platform is specially designed for OEM and customisation to let you provide best experience for your customers.

In this cas we would be glad first listen to all arguments and align  the better development roadmap for better experience.

Let your IoT Vision come true with Signature I/O

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